This weird trick can free up gigabytes of space on your iPhone

It seems like iPhone storage is always at a premium, especially if you have an entry-level model with just 16GB (an economic necessity for many an iPhone owner). It’s the rare user who doesn’t know the pain of trying to download a new app or snap a few more photos and seeing the dreaded “not enough storage” message. You’ve probably heard all the usual “free up space” tips, but I’m willing to bet you haven’t heard this one. It’s an honest-to-goodness magic trick, one that may fill you with joy…

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A dual-lens iPhone 7: 3 reasons you don’t want it — and 2 why you do

The rumor mill seems pretty certain that forthcoming highest-end iPhone 7 — either called “iPhone 7 Pro” or simply the “iPhone 7 Plus” — will incorporate the same so-called dual-lens camera technology as we’ve seen emerge in Android phones like the Huawei P9 and LG G5. (Technically they’re dual camera modules, not lenses, or multi-aperture technology.) Apple’s execution likely is built on technology from its acquisition of Israel-based LinX last year (read the original technology presentation from LinX). * Read the full article here

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