Gaze Across the Solar System with a 3D-Printed, Raspberry Pi Telescope

The PiKon telescope is a DIY astro-camera you can easily build at home, based on two disruptive technologies: 3D printing and Raspberry Pi cameras. Andy Kirby and I started it as a project for Sheffield University’s “Festival of the Mind” in September 2014 (with much duct tape and over-engineering!). * Read the full article here

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A New Norm: Massive, Sophisticated DDoS Attacks Are Now Commonplace

This year a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack was clocked at more than 500 Gbps. The previous largest attack was 300Gbps. The increase in overall size, frequency and sophistication of these attacks are part of a disturbing trend where all one needs is an Internet connection and a grievance to disrupt nearly any organization’s business. * Read the full article here

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